Emerald Contact Centre

Who Are We

The Emerald Contact Centre started in Waterford in March 2015 with a team of six Customer Service professionals. Since then, we’ve grown to nearly 100 people and hope to continue that growth into the future. 

At the Emerald Contact Centre, we are dedicated to providing our clients and their customers with high-quality, thoughtful customer service, coupled with competitive sales support and valuable performance insight. 

We do this by building and nurturing strong relationships with our clients and their customers. We believe that at the core of our work, there must be a deep understanding of the business, including its values, objectives, and performance goals, as well as customers’ needs. We understand that successful businesses are ever-evolving, and we promote progress by providing regular feedback and data to clients. We know that the human touch is powerful but very complex and that when it comes to our teams’ interactions with customers, no detail is too small or insignificant. We take great pride in our highly-trained and experience-driven people. 


  • Inbound & outbound calls 
  • Concierge services 
  • Email response 
  • Click-to-chat services on multiple platforms 
  • Multilingual support 
  • Intercontinental solutions (we currently offer solutions for servicing clients in Europe and/or the United States.) 

People Talking to People

We believe in open lines of communication, not just with our clients, but on our own team as well. Through daily interactions with clients, we provide them with the feedback they need to create a better customer experience and strengthen their businesses.

As a client, we will take time to regularly discuss your customer’s thoughts and feedback with you. Our goal is to answer your questions, provide support, and help design and execute solutions that are competitive.

Our dedicated Customer Support Specialists will be trained to understand the needs of your business. Through regular meetings with our clients and focus-groups, they work to understand the ins and outs of the businesses they’re supporting.